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Join us in an authentic, genuine and fun day trip through Buenos Aires.

The real way to discover a destination, by turning it into a special experience, guided by locals.


Buenos Aires Treasure Hunt!

Make sure your visit to Buenos Aires is pure experience! Fascinated by enigmas and treasure hunts, and living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we decided to combine the two things, giving travelers the opportunity to discover beautiful Buenos Aires and its secrets through the game. Come and find the treasures of Buenos Aires, win a prize and a lifetime story to share with family and friends back at home! What we will do Starting with a small talk to get to know each other, we will show you how the game works. You will get a map with a list of places to discover, clues to find and riddles to solve. Buenos Aires hides corners often unknown to the porteños themselves. It is up to you to discover them and capture their secrets. You will have to use both legs and all your  brains to solve the mystery within the time frame, but the treasure will be worth it. And do not forget that, during this search, you will have the opportunity to discover those really precious "gems" of this city and its fascinating stories. We will stay at the meeting point, waiting for you to return, to complete the adventure together, in the attempt to be the first to open the treasure chest and reveal your prize. For the more adventurous it is an experience not to be missed! What we will include -Our one and only Argentine Mate for you to experiment We’ll invite you with our MATE in a special area with a lot of Argentine history, we will talk briefly and we will present you how the experience works. -Map of the Hunt Each one of you will get a scavenger hunt map and everything you need. The winner will get the treasure, but the real treasure is your personal experience! Who can come Guests of 8 years and older can attend. Notes Bring your camera to record your findings! and take some pictures, but be careful: time flies, do not be late! Where we will be The starting point of our visit will be in the iconic Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, where the prosperous upper class of Buenos Aires lived during the 20th century. After our presentation, the search will begin, walking through some of the most famous areas of the city, looking out for details that can not be noticed at first sight. --- You can also try the nightly edition of the treasure hunt! The city enhances its charm at sunset: streets without so much daily chaos, dim lighting, Buenos Aires nightlife ruling the night. DURATION 3 hours AVAILABILITY. On request. Morning and Afternoon. Special Night Version. PICK UP AND DROP OFF AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST

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City Talk

We will meet up in the middle of lively and buzzling Palermo, a hood filled with vibe, color and options for all. Street art in all its actual splendor, Palermo boosts an open air gallery for all, and we will delight ourselves in it. We propose a different basic Spanish class, a very active one: one that introduces us into Buenos Aires present with some Lunfardo (dialect of the city of Buenos Aires). We will do it standing, walking, and sitting- on a public park's bench.  We will share with you the basic ABC to Argentine Spanish (or refresh what you already know) while we go in and out of local shops mixing the "porteño" musts with your specific interests. (butchers, grocery, icecream shops, art gallery, artisan market, designer store, shoes delight, pottery, you name it) We believe the best approximation to a new culture lies within its real people living their everyday lives. We will share the history and present of Buenos Aires and Argentina while interacting with great venues in a real social, cultural and fun immersion. Welcome to Buenos Aires and its people. The best we've got!

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Indulge in Secret Bars

A superb cocktail experience! We know that no epic journey is complete without a good cocktail! Buenos Aires is famous for its exuberant nightlife: it's a party from Monday to Monday! During the last few years, there has been an explosion in the cocktail bar scene focused in the neighborhood of Palermo. There is something for everyone: from "closed door" bars created like "speakeasies" from the era of the prohibition to glamorous cocktail clubs and cocktail bars. Indulge in Secret Bars, Private Clubs & Speakeasies of Buenos Aires! We will take you to 3 of the best secret and / or exclusive cocktail bars in Palermo (we change the places every week to guarantee a unique experience). You will have the opportunity to have a friendly conversation with people from all over the world, savor fine liquors and enjoy the festive, exclusive, glamorous atmosphere of the Buenos Aires night scene.

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Like a friend: local artists' ateliers

An intimate stroll through BA artists workshops and streets   If you are an art lover, we offer you the unique possibility of entering the safeheavens where works are made; to understand how artists work in their intimacy (what are their tools, their sources of inspiration, their rituals?); to see some of their works and to speak directly with them informally, around a small coffee or a glass of wine.   We will visit successively three workshops, all located in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Villa Crespo or Colegiales, which have become in recent years the lungs of Argentine contemporary art due, among other things, to the set up of a large number of Art Galleries.   Not only will we visit the artists in their creative temples, but we will make a pleasant stroll in their neighborhoods- cobbled stoned passages, luxuriant vegetation, small low houses which allow us to glimpse the infinity of the sky and amuse ourselves with brightly painted murals and Street Art made by fashionably controversial Argentine street artists.

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Paint your first graffiti in BA

Today Buenos Aires proudly shows its streets intervened by artists. Urban art, street art, offers us a completely democratic fully colourful gallery under the open sky.. We will walk to see some impressive murals of Buenos Aires, learn about the artists behind them and then, inspired, we will leave our own artistic intervention on the walls of Buenos Aires, an attempt at permanence in an impermanent arena of contemporary art. What we’ll do It will be a very special graffiti workshop, under the open sky,  during which you will make your own creative mark in Buenos Aires. First, we will find ourselves in an area of Buenos Aires where urban art is in full splendor. We will learn about its context in Argentina, some of its past and present and then teach the fundamental techniques and skills of graffiti, in order to make out own piece of Urban Art on a wall in the streets of Buenos Aires. After a little sketching, thinking and having fun, we will go to a specially prepared wall in the streets of Buenos Aires where we will leave our mark on Buenos Aires. Of course, we're going to share some Argentine mates while we do this, just like local argentine artists do. We will finish our experience in the first ever Gallery dedicated to promoting, exhibiting and selling street art in Buenos Aires where you will be left to relax, take in what has happened and enjoy a cold beer or cocktail.  

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