M.A.T.E. is sharing the Argentine Way

Join us in an authentic, genuine and fun day trip through Buenos Aires.
The real way to discover a destination, by turning it into a special experience, guided by locals.

Our mission is to serve by connecting a new generation of travelers to a new generation of providers inspired by sustainability, unlocking the potential of travel to act as a major force for good.


We believe in tourism as a force of peace, contributing to the empathy of travelers with locals, discovering local customs and traditions to understand that we are all part of a great universe.


Why M.A.T.E.


Mate is a current Argentine tradition, means sharing, it implies connecting with the other in a collective round of communication, in a present moment. Mate is local and genuine, and simple. It can be taken bitter, with sugar, honey, you can add mint, lemon and orange zest. Mate can have as many versions as people who take it.


M.A.T.E. invites travelers to connect with Argentina in this way: through local, simple and genuine experiences that allow an integral approach to the rich Argentine culture through enjoyment, adventure and complicity.