City Talk

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We will meet up in the middle of lively and buzzling Palermo, a hood filled with vibe, color and options for all.
Street art in all its actual splendor, Palermo boosts an open air gallery for all, and we will delight ourselves in it.

We propose a different basic Spanish class, a very active one: one that introduces us into Buenos Aires present with some Lunfardo (dialect of the city of Buenos Aires).

We will do it standing, walking, and sitting- on a public park's bench. 

We will share with you the basic ABC to Argentine Spanish (or refresh what you already know) while we go in and out of local shops mixing the "porteño" musts with your specific interests. (butchers, grocery, icecream shops, art gallery, artisan market, designer store, shoes delight, pottery, you name it)

We believe the best approximation to a new culture lies within its real people living their everyday lives. We will share the history and present of Buenos Aires and Argentina while interacting with great venues in a real social, cultural and fun immersion.

Welcome to Buenos Aires and its people. The best we've got!

From USD 30

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-No previous language experience is needed

-This is a walking tour, so please wear comfortable shoes

-Bring all your questions and a mind eager to learn