Like a friend: local artists' ateliers

From USD 45

An intimate stroll through BA artists workshops and streets

If you are an art lover, we offer you the unique possibility of entering the safeheavens where works are made; to understand how artists work in their intimacy (what are their tools, their sources of inspiration, their rituals?); to see some of their works and to speak directly with them informally, around a small coffee or a glass of wine.


We will visit successively three workshops, all located in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Villa Crespo or Colegiales, which have become in recent years the lungs of Argentine contemporary art due, among other things, to the set up of a large number of Art Galleries.


Not only will we visit the artists in their creative temples, but we will make a pleasant stroll in their neighborhoods- cobbled stoned passages, luxuriant vegetation, small low houses which allow us to glimpse the infinity of the sky and amuse ourselves with brightly painted murals and Street Art made by fashionably controversial Argentine street artists.

From USD 45

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-What is included
Something to drink
The exclusive access to 3 artists' ateliers or 2 ateliers plus a relaxed stroll around the neighborhood
-Age suggestions
Minimun age to participate 12 years. Toddlers up to 2 years old are invited along with their parents.
-Where will we be
In the artsy neighbourhood of Palermo, Villa Crespo & Chacarita.