Paint your first graffiti in BA

From USD 200

Today Buenos Aires proudly shows its streets intervened by artists.

Urban art, street art, offers us a completely democratic fully colourful gallery under the open sky..

We will walk to see some impressive murals of Buenos Aires, learn about the artists behind them and then, inspired, we will leave our own artistic intervention on the walls of Buenos Aires, an attempt at permanence in an impermanent arena of contemporary art.

What we’ll do
It will be a very special graffiti workshop, under the open sky,  during which you will make your own creative mark in Buenos Aires. First, we will find ourselves in an area of Buenos Aires where urban art is in full splendor. We will learn about its context in Argentina, some of its past and present and then teach the fundamental techniques and skills of graffiti, in order to make out own piece of Urban Art on a wall in the streets of Buenos Aires.

After a little sketching, thinking and having fun, we will go to a specially prepared wall in the streets of Buenos Aires where we will leave our mark on Buenos Aires.

Of course, we're going to share some Argentine mates while we do this, just like local argentine artists do.

We will finish our experience in the first ever Gallery dedicated to promoting, exhibiting and selling street art in Buenos Aires where you will be left to relax, take in what has happened and enjoy a cold beer or cocktail.

From USD 200

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DURATION 2.5 hours 
What we will include
-Materials and art tools needed to make your street art intervention, the special wall to leave your artwork in Buenos Aires
-The guidance of a contemporary top notch street artist
-Exclusive access to the workshop where the street artists works preparing what will go up in the walls at nightime
-Class on urban art techniques
-Walking Tour of Street Art
-Mate to share
-Authorization for the use of the wall (don´t worry, you won´t be prosecuted by the police)
-Special discount prices for purchasing the street art contemporary artists work if you so desire.
-Visit to the first ever Gallery dedicated to promoting, exhibiting and selling street art in Buenos Aires 
Age requirements
There is no minimum age to participate. Participants can also bring their children under 2 years old.
Where we will be
In the City of Buenos Aires.